We employ a uniquely tailored approach for providing solutions to your scientific needs such as cost-effective, high-quality, custom DNA for diagnostic assay development and validation.

Biosciences Laboratories

Our fully-equipped labs contain all of the essential elements required for conducting various testing and evaluation studies.

Bacteriology—Performing work with live microorganisms, including biofilm studies

Immunology—Conducting antibody and cell-based assays

Fungal—Working with fungal agents

Production—Growth, identification and extraction of high quality genomic material from infectious agents

Tissue Culture—Growing cell lines and conducting cell-based assays

Testing and
Laboratory Work

We conduct precise and thorough GLP-compliant laboratory testing that produces high quality data. We do this by implementing technical procedures and policies that produce reliable test results.

  • Microbiology Testing and Analysis
  • Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing
  • Biofilm Testing
  • Extraction of high-quality genomic material
  • Customized testing protocols

Trideum Biosciences has fully-equipped laboratories and expert scientists ready to provide a variety of services for antimicrobial diagnostics and therapeutics.

Consultation for Scientific Endeavors

We have a proven track record of scientific consultation for various clients.

  • Providing a path-forward for product development
  • Research Study Design
  • Data Review and Reporting
  • Scientific Assessment of various products and technologies
  • Preparation and Review of scientific documents including grants.

Research and Analysis

You’ll get precise and objective reporting of our findings that will provide not only an accessible summary of the data, but a professional analysis and recommendations relevant to the purpose of the study by award-winning, experienced scientists.


Chief Science Officer

Mina Izadjoo

About Our Laboratory Director

Dr. Mina Izadjoo is the “Chief Science Officer” and Director of the Biosciences Laboratories at Trideum Corporation.

Formerly, she was a “Senior Distinguished Scientist” and Director of the Diagnostics and Translational Research Center (DTRC) of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) for Advancement of Military Medicine.

She served as the Chief of Wound Biology and Translational Research (WBTR) Division at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) in the Washington, DC prior to her position at HJF. While at AFIP, she was awarded the title of “Distinguished Scientist” in accordance with the Public Law 94-36 for demonstrated ability and experience to enhance the activities of the AFIP in consultation, education, and research. .

Dr. Izadjoo received her PhD in Microbiology in 1992 from Louisiana State University. This was followed by six years of post-doctoral fellowships at Texas A&M University and NIH in molecular biology and immunogenetics.

Her research efforts have mostly been focused on developing and evaluating diagnostics and therapeutics research.

Dr. Izadjoo who holds an Associate Professorship at Uniformed Services University for Health Sciences (USUHS) is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2011 Biological Sciences Award from the Washington Academy of Sciences.

She currently is an advisor to a number of industry partners and serves in the Advisory Board of the Anna Mendez University System in Puerto Rico. Dr. Izadjoo is the current President of the Washington Academy of Sciences.

Our lead scientists have over 30 years of experience in research and lab operations

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