Huntsville, Ala. — HudsonAlpha associate company Trideum Biosciences LLC and ChiScan LLC have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the testing and development of a novel cold plasma technology.

“We are very pleased to have entered into this agreement with ChiScan,” said Van Sullivan, president and CEO of Trideum Biosciences. “This agreement continues to build on a working relationship between our teams.”

“We are excited about entering this strategic agreement and partnership with Trideum Biosciences, where antimicrobial efficacy testing of our technology under the scientific leadership of Dr. Mina Izadjoo is underway,” said Huan Truong, CEO of ChiScan.

“This agreement enhances our ongoing and future collaboration,” said Sullivan. “We value this partnership and are excited to be part of development of this novel next-generation cold plasma technology.”


About ChiScan LLC

ChiScan LLC located in Tempe Arizona was formed by a group of experienced, innovative and passionate engineers with backgrounds in providing solutions for complex problems based on physics, microchip engineering, information and manufacturing technology.  Our collaborating and reach-back laboratories for technology evaluation and efficacy testing are located in Washington DC area.

About Trideum Biosciences LLC

Trideum BioSciences (TBS) LLC is located in Frederick, Maryland. TBS is an ‘open source’ technology evaluation and development company with extensive experience in preclinical and clinical research including antimicrobial efficacy evaluation of candidate therapeutics and devices. TBS focus is on practical scientific solutions to both commercial and government agencies and with fully-equipped labs has all of the essential elements for performing work with live microorganisms. TBS has a fully-equipped lab containing all of the essential elements required for conducting various testing and evaluation studies.